A Walk Across America.


I’m too big on time-lapses unless there is something really unique about them. This video would definitely fall into that category. Most of them are just random movements across a room or toys playing out scenes. Not my kind of thing…at all. I appreciate the dedication those people make moving an object or person half a centimeter about 6,000 times, but I’m not into it. Okay, despite my complaining…this video is pretty neat. Take a look-see!


Long Time No Read!


Okay…so I’ve left my viewers in the dust for the past week now, but I’ve got something I’m working on far more interesting than this blog. Outside of studying school work, I’m setting time aside to learn a new programming language. This could change some things. Hopefully for the better…yeah, the better for sure. It’s called Ruby on Rails. Now this coding language usually calls for knowledge of other languages a few steps down from its own…oh well. I’m doing it anyways.

Sorry for the delay on the posts, I’ll be back shortly. Hey, maybe even my co-bloggers will chip in a little bit to give you some reading material!

Nah..probably not.

Rules of a Gentleman: No. 38

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The quality of your friends always matters more than the quantity.

**Please Note: At some point we lost sight of this.**

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Depict My Day #2: Ben Niven


Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Family


I was sitting in my living room with my family today and I had a major urge to cook something. Cookies. Not just cookies though, Award Winning Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies from allrecipes.com. There’s no way to explain how good they turned out. Looking at these photos is about as close as you’re going to get to finding out…unless you cook them yourself that is. Which I highly recommend!

Depict My Day: Madi Niven

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Depict My Day: Hope Smith


My day wrapped up in 4 pictures…

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