For me, one of the most important aspects when working on computers is to listen to music. If I don’t have something else besides the humming of the computer fans all day…I’ll literally go insane. So, to deal with that problem, I grab my Bose noise canceling headphones and I’m set! Now that I’ve removed all outside sounds, it’s time to groove (no pun intended).

I started out with my songs from iTunes, but the only problem was my lack of selection. Then came Pandora! I used this for about a year on and off until they started adding ads. Limiting the amount of songs per hour didn’t help their case either. I will give Pandora the credit that it really helps you discover new bands and songs, but in the long run I never end up listening to the new stuff anyways. When Grooveshark came along I was a little skeptical because everything is free and you have access to pretty much any song you can think of. If you’re looking for some new music to jam to, Pandora is going to be your best bet. If you’re picky with your music and would like the choice of having it all online, Grooveshark is the way to go. Oh…and the major factor that there are no ads or limits!

Update: Apparently I didn’t pay too close of attention to the site, because I just found a “Radio” feature that works exactly like Pandora. You find a song and just click the Radio button. From then on, it suggests songs that you might like. If you like it, click the smiley face. If you don’t, click the sad face. Pretty simple, and awesome! Grooveshark wins for me!