As I was scrolling through my Google Reader feeds, I came across this photo by Hey, I like that. It made me stare in amazement and laugh hysterically at the same time. My girlfriend Hope is always talking about how much she LOVES wrap around porches, and this scene just seems like the perfect example of that. Even though you can’t really tell whether or not it’s a wrap around, it still looks like the ultimate porch with an awesome view.

What made me laugh so hard is the numbers on the chairs. It reminds me of when my family all had assigned seats for the kitchen table. See…my family is a total of seven, so that can be a little hectic when trying to sit by who you want to sit by. Or who you don’t. Me and my four sisters would always fight about who is going to sit by Dad. We were like the sons of a royal family trying to fight to become the next king! Okay…maybe not that extreme, but it puts it into perspective.

This scenario I just explained is the same for our 14 hour car rides to Texas and back, just less space and patience.