Reading my Google Reader takes up just about 80% of my internet time. It’s my newspaper of the web. Most of the time I’m just scrolling down the list trying to get them all read, because when I open it up in the morning…I have a little over 150 unread. I love it though! I have articles coming from technology to food recipes to family member blog posts and so on…

I’ve decided to share some of my “Starred items” that come through my Google Reader. Maybe you will become as obsessed as I am. Hopefully not…

1. Arugual Pesto Pizza from TasteSpotting

2. Less Accounting from CSS Mania

3. Hey Apple, you’re holding it wrong from Engadget

4. iOS 4: The Complete Walkthrough and Guide [VIDEO] from MASHABLE

5. Embrace the Inevitability of Being Wrong to Boost Workplace Productivity from Lifehacker