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That’s Amore…

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When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…” well you know the rest! Last night Ben’s family and I were trying to decide what to eat for dinner and one of his sisters came up with the great idea of having a pizza contest! We needed five pizzas and divided up into 5 couples and next thing I knew, we’re all piled up in the van (minus a few…I mean come on, there’s 10 of us!) and we’re on our way to Publix! All the pizzas turned out amazing, but I have to brag…Ben and I won!

This is the pizza we made! SPICY pizza with pepper jack cheese, pepperoni, green and red bell peppers, and a dash of pepper! Really, it wasn’t that spicy just very flavorful and unique.

This is De and Madi’s pizza! It was just the simple cheese and pepperoni pizza, but they fried the pepperoni and made the fun design.

This is Ben Shanahan and Alex’s mexican pizza. They used salsa as the sauce with chopped up bell peppers and chicken. It was really different, but very good!

This is Steph and Eric’s pizza. It was  a tomato basil pizza with pesto on the crust! It was really good and you can always leave it to Steph and Eric to cook something unique and tasty!

Last pizza…the DESERT pizza made by Mr. Paul and Mrs. Cherrie! Unfortunately, Ben didn’t get a picture, but it was awesome! They used sugar cookie as the crust with cream cheese sauce topped with blackberries, strawberries, kiwi, and apples.

Beach Please, With a Side of Oil?

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As if this isn’t news to anybody…the Gulf of Mexico is being ruined by that awful oil spill! Does that mean good-bye to Gulf Shores and Panama City? Going from one beach to another, the oil is leaving behind ruined beaches and tar balls in it’s path. Luckily, my family came across a beautiful beach in South Carolina that will hopefully be safe from the oil. Myrtle Beach has all the fun activities as say…Panama City. From seafood restaurants to parasailing, Myrtle Beach is in no way a downgrade! The sand literally feels like baby powder!  The only downside is that it is a 9 hour drive, but come on it’s worth it! I just got back from our vacation and miss it like crazy!

If you ever decide to visit Myrtle Beach be sure to check out Celebrity Circle! It’s a really cool shopping area set up JUST like Downtown Disney and has paddle boats and really unique stores.

Coffee Break

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This morning I had a sudden craving for coffee and donuts…CHOCOLATE donuts! My mom says I’m addicted, but I blame it on the 11 kiddos I spend over 30 hours a week with. So, early this morning Ben and I drove to Dunkin Donuts and I ordered a chocolate glazed donut and a mocha spiced iced latte. Amazing! It was a great start to my Saturday!