Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Family


I was sitting in my living room with my family today and I had a major urge to cook something. Cookies. Not just cookies though, Award Winning Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies from There’s no way to explain how good they turned out. Looking at these photos is about as close as you’re going to get to finding out…unless you cook them yourself that is. Which I highly recommend!


Starred: Food Findings


Food is a big part of my daily routine. As it is pretty much every American…or human. One of my favorite feeds that come through my Google Reader is TasteSpotting. They do an awesome job collecting the most decadent and delicious recipes that will make you quit your diet or healthy eating habits in a slit second (if you are dealing with this, read my last post). I was going to pick a theme of food to share with you, but there is such much variety that I can’t post this leaving some of my favorite recipes out!

1. White Cheddar Drop Biscuits

When breakfast is being served, the first things I look for to pile on my plate are bacon and biscuits. This white cheddar biscuit makes me wish that I had a cook in my house every morning. Usually I grab a protein bar or something super quick, so I don’t have time to enjoy “fancy” stuff like this. Well, there’s always brunch as an option. See there’s my optimism.

2. Bacon Popcorn

I don’t eat popcorn very often, but this just looks delicious. Like I said, I love bacon so this sets the tone for me.

3. Bacon Cheese Dip in Bread Bowl

Again with the bacon…I know. It just looks so good! Don’t deny it, everyone loves bacon.

4. Baked Jam Filled Donuts

If you ask anyone who knows me well, they could tell you that I love a good peanut butter and jelly. If I were to do one thing to this donut to perfect it, I would add peanut butter.

5. BBQ Chicken Pizza

Now this is one of the recipes I’ve actually tried. Verdict? Absolutely delicious! I requested this for my birthday a few days ago and it was just as good as it looks. I look forward to making more of TasteSpotting‘s recipes!

The “Optimal” Diet Plan


Have you ever had the revolutionary idea of starting a hardcore diet that will “change” your life? Yeah, me too. It’s amazing how great they turn out too! You start out with an optimistic attitude and the only thing you think about is how good you are doing. You’ve been doing it with no mistakes for about 2 weeks and then a birthday, holiday or family reunion steps in. This is where it all goes down. You make the excuse that “Its a holiday! It would be unseasonal if I didn’t participate. I’m not going to be the party pooper.” or “well…I’ll just have one slice”. These are just a few things that have run through my head hundreds of times during these exact situations.

Now, I’m not in any way saying that I need to lose weight…cause I definitely don’t. I just feel better eating healthier, and it gives me something to be disciplined at. Through the holiday the past few days I have experienced the thoughts I talked about. And unfortunately I failed my attempt to eating “right”.

Here’s what I try to keep in mind when trying to eat healthy or workout consistently. Instead of having the mindset of “I need to loose 15 pounds for the cruise”, think more like “I need to eat healthier so I’ll feel better all the time and be satisfied with myself”. The goal does not need to be set for an “event”, but more so a “lifestyle”.

Conclusion: When holidays or “special events” come up, pretend it’s just like any other day. (Unless you have the best self-control in the world). Don’t have event-based goals and set healthy eating goals as a lifestyle choice. You’ll feel better physically and about yourself in general.

Starred: My Top Five


Reading my Google Reader takes up just about 80% of my internet time. It’s my newspaper of the web. Most of the time I’m just scrolling down the list trying to get them all read, because when I open it up in the morning…I have a little over 150 unread. I love it though! I have articles coming from technology to food recipes to family member blog posts and so on…

I’ve decided to share some of my “Starred items” that come through my Google Reader. Maybe you will become as obsessed as I am. Hopefully not…

1. Arugual Pesto Pizza from TasteSpotting

2. Less Accounting from CSS Mania

3. Hey Apple, you’re holding it wrong from Engadget

4. iOS 4: The Complete Walkthrough and Guide [VIDEO] from MASHABLE

5. Embrace the Inevitability of Being Wrong to Boost Workplace Productivity from Lifehacker

That’s Amore…

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When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…” well you know the rest! Last night Ben’s family and I were trying to decide what to eat for dinner and one of his sisters came up with the great idea of having a pizza contest! We needed five pizzas and divided up into 5 couples and next thing I knew, we’re all piled up in the van (minus a few…I mean come on, there’s 10 of us!) and we’re on our way to Publix! All the pizzas turned out amazing, but I have to brag…Ben and I won!

This is the pizza we made! SPICY pizza with pepper jack cheese, pepperoni, green and red bell peppers, and a dash of pepper! Really, it wasn’t that spicy just very flavorful and unique.

This is De and Madi’s pizza! It was just the simple cheese and pepperoni pizza, but they fried the pepperoni and made the fun design.

This is Ben Shanahan and Alex’s mexican pizza. They used salsa as the sauce with chopped up bell peppers and chicken. It was really different, but very good!

This is Steph and Eric’s pizza. It was  a tomato basil pizza with pesto on the crust! It was really good and you can always leave it to Steph and Eric to cook something unique and tasty!

Last pizza…the DESERT pizza made by Mr. Paul and Mrs. Cherrie! Unfortunately, Ben didn’t get a picture, but it was awesome! They used sugar cookie as the crust with cream cheese sauce topped with blackberries, strawberries, kiwi, and apples.

Coffee Break

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This morning I had a sudden craving for coffee and donuts…CHOCOLATE donuts! My mom says I’m addicted, but I blame it on the 11 kiddos I spend over 30 hours a week with. So, early this morning Ben and I drove to Dunkin Donuts and I ordered a chocolate glazed donut and a mocha spiced iced latte. Amazing! It was a great start to my Saturday!