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My day wrapped up in 4 pictures…

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Depict My Day


I am going to try to start a Facebook/blog trend (if it hasn’t started already). This will consist of “depicting” your day. For those who don’t know exactly what depict means, it is: show in, or as in, a picture. Basically what you will do is gather four pictures from any internet source you would like that describe how you feel that day or events that are taking place. Give it a try, I think it will be pretty exciting to see some of the pictures people use!

Also, be sure to credit any photo that you use that isn’t licensed to you. I look forward to seeing what your day depicts!

The “Optimal” Diet Plan


Have you ever had the revolutionary idea of starting a hardcore diet that will “change” your life? Yeah, me too. It’s amazing how great they turn out too! You start out with an optimistic attitude and the only thing you think about is how good you are doing. You’ve been doing it with no mistakes for about 2 weeks and then a birthday, holiday or family reunion steps in. This is where it all goes down. You make the excuse that “Its a holiday! It would be unseasonal if I didn’t participate. I’m not going to be the party pooper.” or “well…I’ll just have one slice”. These are just a few things that have run through my head hundreds of times during these exact situations.

Now, I’m not in any way saying that I need to lose weight…cause I definitely don’t. I just feel better eating healthier, and it gives me something to be disciplined at. Through the holiday the past few days I have experienced the thoughts I talked about. And unfortunately I failed my attempt to eating “right”.

Here’s what I try to keep in mind when trying to eat healthy or workout consistently. Instead of having the mindset of “I need to loose 15 pounds for the cruise”, think more like “I need to eat healthier so I’ll feel better all the time and be satisfied with myself”. The goal does not need to be set for an “event”, but more so a “lifestyle”.

Conclusion: When holidays or “special events” come up, pretend it’s just like any other day. (Unless you have the best self-control in the world). Don’t have event-based goals and set healthy eating goals as a lifestyle choice. You’ll feel better physically and about yourself in general.

Oil Spill in Gulf…


The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been going for quite a long time.  I remember sitting in class the day that my teacher told me about the spill, many months later the oil is still pouring into the ocean. On CNN’s website it has a tracker that shows how many barrels of oil are being poured into the ocean. The number this second is 3,489,055.. but each second it rises.

Some may keep saying.. Drill baby drill, but when you see what the oil is doing to our economy and the wildlife.. your thoughts can be changed. Finding new sources of energy for our cars and other things that need oil is the answer.

The main thing that we need and use is destroying us! The oil spill is no good.

Do something about it.

Steve Jobs Tells Angry iPhone 4 User to “Relax, it’s just a phone.”


Recently, an iPhone user sent Steve Jobs and an engineer an email complaining about the issues with the new iPhone 4 issues. What does he have to say about it? Basically…get a life, its just a phone, enjoy the more important things in life.

Here’s a snippet from Gizmodo:

Original mail:
[Apple engineer name redacted],

When we spoke, you would not tell me that there is a fix for this phone?

A friend just sent me this.

I assume there is no fix then. If this is legit, I have lost all respect for apple and just want to go back to Verizon and get a nice Android phone. And don’t tell me they have the same issues, all our co-workers with Androids are just mocking us right now…. “Hey, I am going to go in the basement and continue my call. You can use my office on the 2nd floor so you can get a signal”. You are going to kill your brand over one product. Apple is coming off arrogant and rude. If there is no fix just tell people so they can return their phones. We have work to do. I have bought just about every apple product made in the last 20 years and this is the 1st time I am ashamed to be a MAC fan.

This is just sickening,

Steve Jobs’ reply:
No, you are getting all worked up over a few days of rumors. Calm down.

iPhone 4 user:
I am really insulted… “Calm down”…. “rumors”… What arrogance. This is will be marked as the begging of the end of Apple. Seriously, DO THE RIGHT THING. I just had dinner with 3 people who had iPhone 4s we all cant make calls without dropping. There is no rumors it is reality.

Steve Jobs:
You are most likely in an area with very low signal strength.

iPhone 4 user:
Stop with jack*** comments. I have has every iphone made. They all had a bad signal but this is the so much worse X3. The whole country is is in a “low signal strength” in reality… all but apple campus and your house it seems? AT&T maps are a joke. I am in “excellent” to “good” coverage and on my iPhone 1, Iphone 3G, and my iPhone 3Gs, I could at least make a telephone call. After all, it is a phone. Iphone 4…. 5 bars….. touch the phone… ZERO bars call drops.
Steve. IT DOES NOT WORK! Geezzz I hope this this is not really you. Are we on a different MHz? I have yet to see an iPhone [4] work in Richmond when you hold it in your hand. It is not “isolated”. I was a big fan. But I am done.

Steve Jobs:
You may be working from bad data. Not your fault. Stay tuned. We are working on it.

Steve Jobs’ second reply, without BGR reader replying to the previous one:
Retire, relax, enjoy your family. It is just a phone. Not worth it.

Click here to read full article.

I personally think Steve Jobs is handling the situation very well compared to what other tech bloggers think. He is trying to get his own fans and customers to realize that enjoying life and family are way more important than a simple phone issue. Props to you Jobs.

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