Movie Review: Toy Story 3

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So last night, or should I say the very first minute of today, I went with Hope and Madi to see Toy Story 3. To start off, Pixar showed off another one of their classic short films that, to me, was the best one yet. It was called “Day and Night”, the video will hopefully be on iTunes soon. I think Pixar started taking off their short films to they could make money off of it. Not Surprising. The best way you can see “Day and Night” is…well to see Toy Story 3, which you should anyways!

Overall: I give it an A. I’ve never been disappointed in a Pixar movie, and they are doing good staying on track. Now poll time!


BLOcK BuSTer: Karate Kid

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Yes, another movie review. I saw the new Karate Kid a few days ago, and I must say.. it’s a million times better than the classic. Of course I’m a bigger fan of Jackie Chan than Mr. that could sway my vote. I think you should see it for yourself. Of course you shouldn’t go spend your money on a movie that I told you to see.. watch the trailer!

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith ( Will Smith’s son) acted quite well if you ask me! I’ve heard many people say Jaden is a clone of his father Will, and I seriously couldn’t agree more! Go see the movie!! 😀

Movie Brake

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A lot of movies have come out recently…as they do every summer. Now’s the time for me to stop yapping and get your opinion.

BLOcK BuSTer: Prince of Persia

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I recently saw an amazing movie! Prince of Persia: the Sands of time is a must see. For me, I had to really lock because the movie has so many action scenes.. and two: my dear, dear friends decided to ask questions during the most intense parts. Though the movie is based off of a video game, it is swell to watch and I enjoyed it!

Now.. ladies this movie isn’t only for the guys, their is a little bit of romance (love/hate relationship) between the two main characters. (In the picture below) Of course the only picture that I could find on google of these two people, is one where they are in action. But I suppose this pic gives you a hint of what will happen!

So, you need to see it. I didn’t want to spoil anything.. but if you do see it, tell me what you think!!! 🙂