Steve Jobs Tells Angry iPhone 4 User to “Relax, it’s just a phone.”


Recently, an iPhone user sent Steve Jobs and an engineer an email complaining about the issues with the new iPhone 4 issues. What does he have to say about it? Basically…get a life, its just a phone, enjoy the more important things in life.

Here’s a snippet from Gizmodo:

Original mail:
[Apple engineer name redacted],

When we spoke, you would not tell me that there is a fix for this phone?

A friend just sent me this.

I assume there is no fix then. If this is legit, I have lost all respect for apple and just want to go back to Verizon and get a nice Android phone. And don’t tell me they have the same issues, all our co-workers with Androids are just mocking us right now…. “Hey, I am going to go in the basement and continue my call. You can use my office on the 2nd floor so you can get a signal”. You are going to kill your brand over one product. Apple is coming off arrogant and rude. If there is no fix just tell people so they can return their phones. We have work to do. I have bought just about every apple product made in the last 20 years and this is the 1st time I am ashamed to be a MAC fan.

This is just sickening,

Steve Jobs’ reply:
No, you are getting all worked up over a few days of rumors. Calm down.

iPhone 4 user:
I am really insulted… “Calm down”…. “rumors”… What arrogance. This is will be marked as the begging of the end of Apple. Seriously, DO THE RIGHT THING. I just had dinner with 3 people who had iPhone 4s we all cant make calls without dropping. There is no rumors it is reality.

Steve Jobs:
You are most likely in an area with very low signal strength.

iPhone 4 user:
Stop with jack*** comments. I have has every iphone made. They all had a bad signal but this is the so much worse X3. The whole country is is in a “low signal strength” in reality… all but apple campus and your house it seems? AT&T maps are a joke. I am in “excellent” to “good” coverage and on my iPhone 1, Iphone 3G, and my iPhone 3Gs, I could at least make a telephone call. After all, it is a phone. Iphone 4…. 5 bars….. touch the phone… ZERO bars call drops.
Steve. IT DOES NOT WORK! Geezzz I hope this this is not really you. Are we on a different MHz? I have yet to see an iPhone [4] work in Richmond when you hold it in your hand. It is not “isolated”. I was a big fan. But I am done.

Steve Jobs:
You may be working from bad data. Not your fault. Stay tuned. We are working on it.

Steve Jobs’ second reply, without BGR reader replying to the previous one:
Retire, relax, enjoy your family. It is just a phone. Not worth it.

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I personally think Steve Jobs is handling the situation very well compared to what other tech bloggers think. He is trying to get his own fans and customers to realize that enjoying life and family are way more important than a simple phone issue. Props to you Jobs.


Starbucks Free WiFi

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For all of the Starbucks addicts out there, you can now spend more time there browsing the web. This time you wont have to log into or pay anything. Sorry AT&T users, you are no longer special. Starting today, they are offering free WiFi for everyone. Now there is no more logging in, or borrowing someones email account to get in…not that I would do something like that. I’m only there for the coffee, then I’m out of there.

So there you go guys, enjoy free WiFi. Good luck finding somewhere to sit with your caffeine high and near anxiety attacks. Happy drinking/browsing!

Will it Blend?: iPhone 4

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Yes. That’s the Question.

Will the iPhone 4 blend in the Blendtec blender? Obviously you know the answer if you’ve ever seen these videos before. Plus, why would they put a dud on YouTube…exactly. You know, it kills me to see Apple products (or anything with slight value) being destroyed for entertainment. Just give it to me for crying out loud! Oh well, I would probably do the same if I had to money to destroy things for no apparent reason besides fame and millions of viewers. Alright I’ll stop complaining. Hope you enjoy.

Tech Update: The Next iPhone

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This is the first of my many tech updates to come. As Hope recently described me as a “technology nerd”, I feel the need to fulfill that roll. And…I LOVE technology. With that said, I wanted all the iPhone/Apple lovers to be “in” on the new things coming up.

I would love to fill you in personally about everything on the new iPhone, but I think Steve Jobs might do a little better job than me. If you end up catching this post a little later than 12pm, you can go back and look at everything on the Gizmodo Liveblog.

Update: Here’s the Apple iPhone 4 design video.