Baby squasher…I mean sitter?

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I’m not much of a tech lover like Ben, but something caught my eye today.. and I need to share it!  I was babysitting the cutest kids today and both of the oldest boys had Nintendo DSI’s.

Now, the boys Nintendo DSi’s weren’t as cute as the one in the picture above.. but still, they have the same look 🙂

The crazy thing about this little gameboy, is that you can chat with other players, take pictures, get online, check your email (but what five year old has an email??)  It’s just down right awesome. I know.. I know, it doesn’t seem like a big deal.. but look how far Nintendo has come.. from the classic entertainment system to a hand held game-boy.. (with all the high techy stuff!) 


The yapper..

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I love talking to people I know. I’m not so fond of talking to people I don’t know. I hate to say it, but one time my mom introduced me to someone and I literally just looked at the person. So.. the person just stood there awkwardly* and then walked to a chair.. far away from me.

The “yapper” is a strange thing.

Yesterday I was at the store, and the cash register dude kept talking. He seemed to not know when to stop. I remember about a month ago, I had the same cash register person. He is a strange fellow. He talked randomly.

Here my yapper rap…

“This dude is really crazy,

His eye is lookin’ lazy,

His mouth be moving

but I don’t hear a sound..

and I’m glad”

Yes.. my rap is good.