A Walk Across America.


I’m too big on time-lapses unless there is something really unique about them. This video would definitely fall into that category. Most of them are just random movements across a room or toys playing out scenes. Not my kind of thing…at all. I appreciate the dedication those people make moving an object or person half a centimeter about 6,000 times, but I’m not into it. Okay, despite my complaining…this video is pretty neat. Take a look-see!


Will it Blend?: iPhone 4

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Yes. That’s the Question.

Will the iPhone 4 blend in the Blendtec blender? Obviously you know the answer if you’ve ever seen these videos before. Plus, why would they put a dud on YouTube…exactly. You know, it kills me to see Apple products (or anything with slight value) being destroyed for entertainment. Just give it to me for crying out loud! Oh well, I would probably do the same if I had to money to destroy things for no apparent reason besides fame and millions of viewers. Alright I’ll stop complaining. Hope you enjoy.

How’s That Pepper?

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Recently I have become obsessed with Balloon Shop on YouTube. Their style of humor is almost exactly how I would describe my personality. So I can relate pretty well. After watching one of there videos (“Hot Pepper“), I was rolling on the floor laughing. Well maybe not that hard, but it definitely inspired me to try something. I took the famous line, “Hey Josh…how’s that pepper?”, and decided to make a parody.

Here’s there video:

And my parody. Enjoy.

Things I Will Never Do: Underwater Base Jumping


After hearing and seeing so many ridiculous things in the past year, I’ve decided to post an occasional “Things I Will Never Do”, just as they come. Most likely they will be pretty frequent considering the crazy world we live in today.

The least I would take to do this…about $20,000. Fear of heights, going into a pitch black tunnel and the slight chance of being eaten by a wild fish don’t really set easily with me.

Broken Boy Soldier

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I love music.  I mainly like music that fits my mood (happy, chill, wild, tired, etc.)  The Raconteurs are the best band that I’ve ever heard. Yes, I know their photo cover is a little scary; but you can’t judge a book by its cover.

I let one of my teachers listen to them (during class, might I add) and she said that they reminded her of a ’60’s band. One of my favorite songs by them is “Broken Solider Boy”.  The music video that goes along with this song is a little strange.. but it shows their freaky side.

Why do I laugh so hard?

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I have recently discovered some pretty interesting videos on YouTube. My sister, Madi, introduced me to the hilarious trio called…BalloonShop. They have a very unique style of humor. It actually reminds me a lot of me and Jordan Stone, a buddy of mine, when we would just do stupid things no one else would ever understand. Kind of makes me wonder why we never made the attempt to become YouTube stars…dang it. Oh well, fame is over-rated anyways…blah blah blah.

Well as a little treat of mine I’m going to give you a little taste of what I’ve talked about.